Becoming a Cambridge school is a way of demonstrating our commitment to excellence in education. We are part of the University of Cambridge and share their educational values. Cambridge qualifications open doors for Cambridge learners and are a passport to success. These qualifcations are recognised by leading universities and employers all around the world as evidence of academic ability.

Cambridge offers many benefits for learners. Their educational programmes and qualifications are designed to help students become more confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. By choosing Cambridge International Examinations, we will be giving our students a solid foundation for achieving high levels of academic and personal attainment in life.

Cambridge International Examinations

Being a Cambridge School, we are able to provide our students with International Programmes, Certificates and Qualifications fully recognized worldwide and designed for an international market.

Our programmes and qualifications are compatible with other curricula, so we will have a unique curriculum that suits our school’s values. This way, we will be providing our learners with the benefits of both a bilingual education and double certification programme at the same time.

Cambridge programmes and qualifications have a well known reputation for being the best preparation for university, employment and life in general. They provide a valuable international benchmark for learner performance.

Our qualifications, including Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS and A Level, and Cambridge Pre-U are recognised and welcomed by universities around the world.

Cambridge Students

We believe our students will become more confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others, more responsible for themselves, responsible to and respectful of others, more reflective as learners, developing their own ability to learn independently, innovatively and will become better equipped for new and future challenges and engaged intellectually and socially with their environment. With us, your children will be fully prepared to make a difference in an ever changing and ever more challenging, dynamic, diverse and developing world.